The Whole-E Shift!! Podcast

Whole-E Shift!!, or Whole-Energy Shift!! Is a movement. Let’s shift from hate, fear, overwhelm to Love, Joy, Strength and Unity. Create, Imagine, Educate. Poetry, Energy, Love, Tarot and More… Join the Love

Daily card gets pulled, the winner of the contest is revealed, and p0etik does a few one card readings

p0etik pulls the daily card and tells you about an AWESOME chance to win a free full Card Reading session!!!

Join p0etik for a conversation from the heart!

Join p0etik for a live client reading. After the reading we enjoy a laugh as well as quick one card pull for our Friend from The Random Couple Show!!!

Daily Card reading and insight to get you through the day

Rise Above

Join p0etik as she pulls a few cards for the day. If you are here, it is a message for you too!!

p0etik pulls 4 cards on this day to help shift our energy.

p0etik discusses the energy of feelings and emotions, shadow work, awareness, acceptance and love.

p0etik at it again

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