The Whole-E Shift!! Podcast

Whole-E Shift!! (Whole-Energy Shift)
Find clarity, confirmation, and guidance from a stern yet compassionate Intuitive and Energy Healer!
Join p0etik for Intuitive Card Readings from multiple Tarot and Oracle decks, Energy healing and soul coaching and insight.
Shift from hate, fear, and overwhelm to Love, Joy, Strength and Peace.

Daily and weekly card reading for all, and a special sample card reading for our friend Fox_da_Cypher

Today we pull cards for our daily read, go into a topic of discussion about letting go, and also pull a few cards for our live listeners.

`Trust your intuition.

1-1-2021 Daily card read

p0etik leads a journey through a New Year spread.  The reading starts at 19mins and 3 seconds


Revisit for a timeless meditation and reminder that love of self is mandatory !!

Daily card reading, Weekly theme card, and some card pulls for our live listeners

Recorded live! completely raw and authentic

Get your daily Card. Quick show

Join p0etik as she pulls her daily card with help from the live audience and explore the topics of astrology, empowerment, and energy.  Also find a bonus mini reading for a couple of listeners and a soothing and revitalizing energy healing/meditation as well. Thank you again for my the audience, my amazing shifters!!!

Join p0etik as she pulls the daily card for 11-1 and also has some fun with listeners and pulls some clear messages with free sample readings

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